Nexus Human Services in Braddon, Canberra, Australia

Nexus is a Disability Employment and NDIS Service provider

disability employment services in Braddon Canberra Australia

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Professional Recruitment Specialist in Braddon, Canberra, Australia
  • Dedicated Employment Specialist appointed to you
  • Professional recruitment advice and job matching provide to you
  • Identify job vacancies with you and matching suitable candidates for you
  • On-the-job or off-site support provided to your employees to settle into the job
  • Tailored ongoing support for you and your employees to maintain their employment
  • Continually meet and adapt to your needs
  • Training information and awareness activities for you and your staff
  • Maintaining privacy, and confidentiality for you
  • Assist you with your employee who has performance difficulty as a result of their disability
  • Suggestions, feedback and complaints systems available to you

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Jack is the most loyal staff member in the company. He makes all the staff realise everyone has their own potential


Nexus has successfully added value to a range of organisations in the ACT by providing specialist employment solutions and ongoing support for their employees.


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