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Disability Employment Services

We are here to support individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions on their employment journey.
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Let’s get you started on your employment journey.

Whether you’re living with a disability or a mental health condition, we are here to support you in finding and maintaining meaningful employment. Through our Disability Employment Services (DES) and NDIS programs, Nexus offers specialised employment solutions for job seekers by empowering people with disability to achieve their employment goals and aspirations. Our services include finding and keeping a job, support in employment, and career counseling.
If you’re eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES) in Australia, we can link you up with local employers who are eager to hire talented individuals like you. We provide:
  • Tailored assistance to maintain employment 
  • Resources and strategies that prioritise your overall well-being in the workplace
  • Employer awareness and training
  • Assistance with workplace adjustments and return to work plans
  • Worker support groups
  • Advocacy
  • Advice on industrial relations issues
  • Mental wellness seminars

How We Can Help:

Work Skills

Gain workplace skills and confidence.

Job Opportunities

Connect with potential employers.

Job Placement

Get your work goals started.

Ongoing Support

Experience tailored support for you.

We provide tailored solutions to meet your individual workplace needs and bring you closer to your work goals.

Coaching & Mentoring
We are committed to providing you with the support and skills you need for a sustainable career.
Career Planning

We know finding the right job is only the first step. That’s why we’re here to help you take your career further.

Workplace Adjustments

We want to ensure that you get the support you need every step of the way.

Job Matches

We aim to help job seekers and employers find the right fit.

Am I eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES)?

You are eligible if you are :
  • Living with disabilities or mental health conditions that affect your ability to work
  • An Australian resident aged from 14 to 65 or to the Age Pension age
  • At or above the minimum legal working age in your state or territory
  • Receiving income support payment Disability Support Pension, an NDIS participant or an eligible school leaver
  • Able to work between 8 to 30 hours per week (with support when required)
  • Not studying full time (unless you are an eligible school leaver)
  • Not already working at or above your assessed work capacity

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at  1800 163 987 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Why choose Nexus?

  • We embrace a continuous improvement culture.
  • We offer recruitment services in Canberra, Northern NSW and Gold Coast.
  •  We will appoint dedicated employment specialists to you.
  • We offer skill development programs and support for goal setting with actionable steps.
  • We identify job matches between job seekers and employers.
  • We are here for you with on-the-job site support.
  • We offer assistance for employees who experience performance difficulties.
  • We protect our customers’ privacy and data.

Read about how people with disabilities have achieved their work goals with Nexus.

Let's begin your journey with Disability Employment Services in four simple steps.

Step 1

Register with us so we can get in touch with you

Step 2

Meet your DES consultant online.

Step 3

Discuss your workplace goals and needs.

Step 4

We get you started.

Step 1

Register with us so we can get in touch with you

Step 2

Meet your DES consultant online.

Step 3

Discuss your workplace goals and needs.

Step 4

We get you started.

For any questions, please call us on 1800 163 987 or send us an email to and we can get started today.

Questions you might have

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides multiple types of support for individuals living with disability or mental health conditions, their families, and carers. Disability Employment Services (DES) is more focused towards offering solutions for finding employment and support in the workplace.

To learn more about our Disability Employment Services, you may reach us at 1800 163 987 or send us an email at

Yes, we are here to offer tailored solutions for persons with disabilities and mental health conditions. We will work together with you to find workplaces that fit your goals and meet your individual needs.

We are committed to offering tailored services that meet your work goals. As part of our process, we get to know your individual goals and workplace needs in order to set actionable steps and assess the time we need to make your goals happen.

Disability Management Services (DMS) supports people living with disabilities and mental health conditions to achieve their long-term individual goals in their workplace and career. Employment Support Services (ESS) are for individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions in need of short-term but regular support at work.

Our team of disability employment consultants is here to get to know you, your goals, and your needs so we can learn how to help you better. In doing so, we are one step closer to starting your work goal opportunities and learning what solutions will work best for you.

Employers and Disability Employment Services

Nexus offers recruitment services for employers at no cost. We are here to provide support for both employers and job seekers with solutions that work best for everyone.

Here’s how we can help you find the right match for your business:
  • Social recruiting
  •  Screening and selecting candidates that meet your business needs
  • Advertising and promoting work opportunities 
  • Workplace adjustments with tailored training, HR advice, and more
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